I have an aversion to bringing cameras on fishing trips. Once I caught a pretty big fish. As my fishing buddy snapped a picture of it, he said, "Now, aren't you glad we have a camera?"

My response? "Just think how big it would have been if we didn't have the camera!"

Volunteering for Charlotte Harbor Seagrass Survey

After reading a good article on upcoming seagrass and scallop surveys in our area, I decided to volunteer. Yesterday we took Florida Sea Grant Program extension agent Betty Staugler out on our pontoon boat and had a look at a few of the areas being … [Read more...]

Blue Crab Gone Walkabout

I was picking up branches down in the bottom of my yard pretty near the marsh and next to one of them was a blue crab. It looked green and sort of moist on top, but drying. It was just sitting there but I was pretty sure it was alive. Poke. Yep, … [Read more...]

Artesian Pond Swim – June 2019

The pond in my yard is fed by an artesian spring from the Lower Hawthorne section of the Florida Aquifer. It's not exactly fresh water, though it has cypress trees all around. My tropical fruit trees don't like the water much but it's acceptable to … [Read more...]

Pond Feeding Video

I throw finger mullet chunks to some of the fish in my pond and decided to try an underwater video of the action today. Pond Feeding Video from Tom Ray on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

Alligators Facing Off Over A Bobber

A couple of Shell Creek gators that have learned that fishermen mean food were having a dispute over whose fishermen we are. These are pretty small but still dangerous animals and completely unafraid of people. They will probably mess with the … [Read more...]

Selecting and Installing a Fishfinder

We decided to install a fishfinder on our 15' Boston Whaler and use the boat for more fishing trips around Charlotte Harbor. My last experience with fishfinder/depthfinder technology was long ago, and I had no idea of the current state of technology … [Read more...]

Oil Rig Fishing

Bending a fishing rod We all gathered up at the dock above the Highway 90 bridge and launched the boat. Mark owned the 24' SeaCraft and Thomas and I worked with him. We had planned this escapade on the hope of good weather and no emergency calls … [Read more...]

I Know You’re Out There

Must be redfish around those pilings... The water had that look. I don't know how to describe it but I knew there was a fish among the pilings of the pier. It just had that LOOK. Some of you fishermen know what I mean. At that moment, with … [Read more...]

Building a Live Bait Well For A Small Boat

This is what I came up with to use as a livewell on my 15' Boston Whaler.I bought a round drink cooler at Wal Mart, and removed the handle on one side. In its place, I drilled a hole with a hole saw and installed an ordinary plastic bulkhead … [Read more...]

Feeding the Crew on a Ham and Cheese Sandwich

We could play it safe and share a ham and cheese sandwich.Or we could throw caution to the wind and use the sandwich for bait. If we got lucky, we would be dining on fresh grilled fish. If not, we'd go hungry. I'd rather feast on fresh-caught … [Read more...]