Boating Equipment

GPS, chartplotter, VHF, dinghies, rigging, lines, outboards, safety equipment..... This is where I talk about gear for your boat.

Boating Safety Equipment

Required By Tom: Minimum Required Boating Safety Equipment The boating gear that could save your life   The laws require certain equipment to be carried aboard boats, depending on the size and intended use of the vessel. These minimum … [Read more...]

Selecting and Installing a Fishfinder

We decided to install a fishfinder on our 15' Boston Whaler and use the boat for more fishing trips around Charlotte Harbor. My last experience with fishfinder/depthfinder technology was long ago, and I had no idea of the current state of technology … [Read more...]

Making Your Own Fender Boards in 2 Easy Steps

The best way to protect a boat that is rubbing on pilings at the dock is with a fender board. A fender board is simply a piece of wood hung outside of two fenders which are hung off the side of a boat. The board rubs up and down on the pilings, and … [Read more...]

Golf Cart Rear Seat Trailer Hitch Installation

Kawasaki Mule Towing Sailboat I had a Kawasaki Mule 550 with a trailer hitch for ten years, and found it very useful for moving small boats and utility trailers around, and even launching and retrieving lightweight craft such as jetskis or our … [Read more...]

Selecting A Handheld GPS Chartplotter

We chose the Garmin Oregon 400C handheld GPS/Chartplotter. Its touchscreen technology allows it to have a bigger screen in a smaller, lighter unit, and the touch controls are intuitive and easy to use. Shop for handheld GPS units I … [Read more...]

Choosing the Right Propeller For Your Boat

3-blade stainless steel prop on a Mercury 70hp outboard lasts for years despite numerous groundings. Buying a different propeller can dramatically change the performance of your boat. You can select a propeller for the pickup or hole shot it … [Read more...]

Soft Inflatable Dinghies

Soft inflatable dinghies have impressive stability and carrying capacity for their size, but tying them to barnacle-encrusted pilings is bad news. A recent overnight trip on a new Catalina 309 reminded me of all the compromises involved in … [Read more...]

Hydraulic Outboard Engine Jack Plates

Flats boats benefit from the use of jack plates to allow them to move the engine vertically upwards to get into shallow water. In addition to the power tilt and trim system that swings the engine around a pivot point on the mounting bracket, … [Read more...]

The Perfect Solo Mast-Raising System for Small Sailboats

A side view of the sailboat with the mast raising system ready for use. I have seen lots of different techniques and contraptions used to raise and lower the masts on small sailboats. All suffer from the same problems for solo sailors, and I … [Read more...]

Building a Live Bait Well For A Small Boat

This is what I came up with to use as a livewell on my 15' Boston Whaler.I bought a round drink cooler at Wal Mart, and removed the handle on one side. In its place, I drilled a hole with a hole saw and installed an ordinary plastic bulkhead … [Read more...]