Powerboaters always seem to be in a hurry to get somewhere.

Cowmaran Trip Up The Myakka River

Ever since he created the Cowmaran, Don has talked about wanting to take it as far as possible up the Myakka River, just to see what is up there and see how far the boat can get. He and his wife took an experimental journey up the river, but only got … [Read more...]

Better Use of Punta Gorda Bayfront Center is Possible

The city-owned Punta Gorda Bayfront Center, located on Charlotte Harbor adjacent to Gilchrist Park, is currently leased to the YMCA, but a competing lease proposal by the Charlotte Harbor Community Sailing Center would provide better utilization of … [Read more...]

Outboard Lower Unit Crack

We have an old 3 cylinder Yamaha two-stroke on the 15' Boston Whaler and the normally reliable beast recently stranded us for the very first time before magically fixing itself. It has been running perfectly ever since. I think it has an intermittent … [Read more...]

Powering Up the Cowmaran

Repowering The ELB - Extremely Light Boat AKA The Cowmaran Twin Engine Cowmaran Toward the end of March 2012, the Cowmaran reappeared in my yard, this time with a second engine hanging on the transom. The original design concept called for twin … [Read more...]

Creating The Extremely Light Boat

Expensive Little Boat Expletive Little Boat (You get the idea...) Multihull Dreams The ELB (Extremely Light Boat) project began as many great ideas do: with a couple of guys messing about with a boat. In this case, my friend Don and his buddy … [Read more...]

Remembering The Thunderboats

The Day The Thunderboats Died Miss Budweister to be Sold, and Remembering Piston Powered Unlimited Hydroplanes The Miss Budweiser Hydroplane, shown here on display at Muscle Car City, was recently listed for auction on eBay. We saw … [Read more...]

Deep V, Shallow V, or Variable Deadrise Hull Performance

Hulls with a steep deadrise angle (above), slice through the waves, providing a smoother ride. How does your boat ride in a chop, or in large waves? The answer will largely depend on hull deadrise angle. Hulls with a steep deadrise angle, as in … [Read more...]

Choosing the Right Propeller For Your Boat

3-blade stainless steel prop on a Mercury 70hp outboard lasts for years despite numerous groundings. Buying a different propeller can dramatically change the performance of your boat. You can select a propeller for the pickup or hole shot it … [Read more...]

Hydraulic Outboard Engine Jack Plates

Flats boats benefit from the use of jack plates to allow them to move the engine vertically upwards to get into shallow water. In addition to the power tilt and trim system that swings the engine around a pivot point on the mounting bracket, … [Read more...]

Power Tilt and Trim for Large Outboard and Sterndrive Boats

Trim tabs help control the attitude of the boat: Deflect the trim tabs down to push the stern of the boat up and the bow down. Many boats are equipped with hydraulic trim tabs, as pictured above. On the smaller boats, the power tilt and trim or … [Read more...]