Buying dinghies, towing dinghies

Soft Inflatable Dinghies

Soft inflatable dinghies have impressive stability and carrying capacity for their size, but tying them to barnacle-encrusted pilings is bad news. A recent overnight trip on a new Catalina 309 reminded me of all the compromises involved in … [Read more...]

Dramatic Dawn Dinghy Rescue

Or, How I Almost Lost My 11' Boston Whaler While Crossing the Little Bahama Bank Driving my little Whaler in smoother waters The monstrous bow cleat I had installed on my little 11-foot Boston Whaler. This giant cleat was very convenient, … [Read more...]

Hard Hull Dinghies

I used my 11' Boston Whaler as a dinghy for many sailing trips to the Bahamas. It was a great dinghy for fishing and lobstering, but a hard-hull dinghy this large does have drawbacks. I used to have an 11' Boston Whaler which was used as a dinghy … [Read more...]

Dinghy Towing Equipment and Techniques

Selecting and Using the Dinghy Tow Line A stainless steel snap hook like this one makes it easy to attach your dinghy tow line. Floating plastic 3 strand rope makes a great dinghy tow line. A 3 strand nylon line works quite well too, but … [Read more...]