Boating Safety

Safety tips and advice, recommendations for safety gear and emergency supplies.

Better Use of Punta Gorda Bayfront Center is Possible

The city-owned Punta Gorda Bayfront Center, located on Charlotte Harbor adjacent to Gilchrist Park, is currently leased to the YMCA, but a competing lease proposal by the Charlotte Harbor Community Sailing Center would provide better utilization of … [Read more...]

Boating Safety Equipment

Required By Tom: Minimum Required Boating Safety Equipment The boating gear that could save your life   The laws require certain equipment to be carried aboard boats, depending on the size and intended use of the vessel. These minimum … [Read more...]

PFDs: Personal Flotation Devices

Safety first is the golden rule of boating. Children should always wear a PFD while out on boats, and adults and pets should wear them whenever conditions warrant it. Anyone who can't swim, including adults, should always have on a PFD while aboard a … [Read more...]

Boating and Thunderstorms Don’t Mix

When you're out in a boat, a nice day can turn ugly and wretched awfully fast Boating Can Be Miserable When You Get Caught in a Thunderstorm One fine summer morning when I was a teen, I took off in our 15 Whaler with my girlfriend and my … [Read more...]

What Should Be In Your Small Boat Marine Toolkit

Marine Tool Kit With First Aid Supplies for Small Boats Selecting Your Marine Toolbox First, if you want a waterproof marine tool box, get one that is also airtight. I've used a "waterproof" marine tool kit on small boats, and most are merely water … [Read more...]

Never Let Go – The First Rule of Boating Safety

Never Let Go of the Boat Not Even for a Split Second A group of us had gone out spearfishing off the Berry Islands in my friend's inflatable dinghy. I had left my swim fins in our boat. No problem, I would stay in the boat and pick up fish … [Read more...]

Securing Your Boat Safely For a Hurricane

This picture shows why you remove all canvas from the boat before the hurricane. The canvas on this boat's t-top was heavy-weight and well-stitched; the canvas suffered no damage. The T-top frame, however, is another story; because the canvas didn't … [Read more...]