I've sailed boats ranging from my Klepper foldable kayak and my Hobie Adventure Island to 40-foot and 50-foot cruising sailboats. If it has to do with sailing, you'll find it here.

Reviving The Stray Goat

A couple of years ago, the Goat Island Skiff Julie B was donated by her builder to the Charlotte Harbor Community Sailing Center. The intent was to sell her to some lucky sailor and use the proceeds to help support the Center's programs. What … [Read more...]

Adventure Island Blasting Through Charlotte Harbor Chop

I saw that the wind forecast for yesterday included gusts in the mid-20 knot range and figured this might be one of my last opportunities this year to sail my Adventure Island in the harbor while the water is warm enough to get very, very wet and … [Read more...]

Kids Sailing Camp 2019 – Day 4

I missed Day 3 but got back out to sail with the kids this morning. The wind was light and fluky in the basin but picked up once we got out into Alligator Bay. There was enough breeze to move the Sunfish along nicely and the kids were … [Read more...]

Kids Sailing Camp 2019 – Day 2 6/11/19

The kids were back on the water today and I brought my Hobie Adventure Island to chase them around. We had a nice breeze in the morning, just strong enough to keep them moving without scaring them. When they got it right, the … [Read more...]

Kids Sailing Camp 2019 – Day 1 – 6/10/19

I have not had time in the past few years to volunteer at a Kids Sailing Camp but decided to make time for it this year. The Charlotte Harbor Community Sailing Center's fleet has grown in that time and the county has helped by upgrading the facility … [Read more...]

Sun Cat Wily Conch For Sale

We bought our beloved 2006 Com-Pac Sun Cat, Wily Conch, back in 2009 and have enjoyed owning her very much. At right is one of my favorite moments, sailing in the 2013 Sun Cat National Championship Regatta with my friend, Pete. While working as … [Read more...]

Wingsail Laser World Championships

Development of new wingsail designs continues at Solid Wing Sails here in Punta Gorda, with the latest versions designed to work on Laser sailboats. Inventor Chuck Taylor decided that the 2014 Charlotte Harbor Regatta would be a good event to test … [Read more...]

Wing Sail on a Hobie Bravo

Early in March 2013, I got a call from Chuck Taylor of X Wing Sails asking whether I would help him test out a wing sail on a Hobie Bravo. He had been helping us remove the boats from the former site of the Charlotte Harbor Community Sailing Center … [Read more...]

Watertribe 2013 Everglades Challenge Start and Checkpoint One Pictures

At 7:00 am on March 2, 2013, conch horns and bagpipes sounded and race organizers gave the signal for participants in the Everglades Challenge and Ultra Marathon to launch their boats and start down the course.   Getting under way is … [Read more...]

Speck Tater’s View of the Watertribe 2013 Everglades Challenge

This is my third year going to the start of the Watertribe Everglades Challenge, and I decided this time around to see more than just the start of the race. The past two years, I have witnessed the start from the beach at Fort Desoto Park in Tampa … [Read more...]