I have a small fleet of kayaks. One of my favorite places to kayak is in Bimini, but I kayak much more frequently in my home waters around Punta Gorda.

Adventure Island Blasting Through Charlotte Harbor Chop

I saw that the wind forecast for yesterday included gusts in the mid-20 knot range and figured this might be one of my last opportunities this year to sail my Adventure Island in the harbor while the water is warm enough to get very, very wet and … [Read more...]

Klepper Foldable Kayak Sailing Charlotte Harbor

I paddle my Klepper more often than I sail it because adding the sailing stuff takes time and the leeboard brace takes up cockpit space. It is fun to sail in the right conditions so when I saw a good weather forecast coming up I decided it was time … [Read more...]

Kayaking Mangrove Tunnels in Punta Gorda

There used to be more beach at Ponce de Leon Park in Punta Gorda, but there’s still barely enough to launch my Blue Canoe. I had planned on paddling down the shore and returning via the mangrove tunnels but a headwind changed my mind and I reversed … [Read more...]

Dawn Patrol

Paddled the old Blue Canoe up to the dam today.       … [Read more...]

Watertribe 2013 Everglades Challenge Start and Checkpoint One Pictures

At 7:00 am on March 2, 2013, conch horns and bagpipes sounded and race organizers gave the signal for participants in the Everglades Challenge and Ultra Marathon to launch their boats and start down the course.   Getting under way is … [Read more...]

Speck Tater’s View of the Watertribe 2013 Everglades Challenge

This is my third year going to the start of the Watertribe Everglades Challenge, and I decided this time around to see more than just the start of the race. The past two years, I have witnessed the start from the beach at Fort Desoto Park in Tampa … [Read more...]

Better Use of Punta Gorda Bayfront Center is Possible

The city-owned Punta Gorda Bayfront Center, located on Charlotte Harbor adjacent to Gilchrist Park, is currently leased to the YMCA, but a competing lease proposal by the Charlotte Harbor Community Sailing Center would provide better utilization of … [Read more...]

West Coast Trailer Sailing Squadron Pelican Bay Gathering March 2012

The West Coast Trailer Sailing Squadron is a group of Florida sailors who like to gather in different locations to camp out on small boats. I have been aware of the group for several years, but have never made it to one of their cruises. At the … [Read more...]

Sailing the Edge of Hurricane Irene in Hobie Adventure Island

Sailing Shell Creek to Punta Gorda On the Winds of Irene Launching In Shell Creek A nearby tropical weather system that is not a threat always causes great sailing weather, and today was no exception. After a morning look at Hurricane … [Read more...]

Watertribe Everglades Challenge 2011 Start

Kayak and sailing fleets depart from Fort Desoto Park beach Sunshine Skyway Bridge at Dawn The Everglades Challenge is an annual event in which kayaks, canoes and small sailboats race from Fort Desoto Park at the mouth of Tampa Bay down to Key … [Read more...]