Small Bobcat Visits Chickens

This bobcat looks quite a bit smaller than the one captured previously by my trail camera. That PVC pipe in the background stands 18" tall and is noticeably taller than the cat. A cropped closer view shows that this cat also has a shorter … [Read more...]

Hawk Testing Chicken Run

One of the local hawks dropped by yesterday afternoon to see if it could get at our chickens. It looks like the answer is still no. Trying to get in from ground level didn't work. Maybe there's a way in the top of the coop? Or a way in … [Read more...]

Daytime Raccoon Visit

I get lots of night shots of raccoons and possums wandering around the yard and most don't seem that interested in sleeping chickens that are locked in a coop. This one came by in daylight and took a couple of circles around the chicken run looking … [Read more...]

It’s Not Easy Being A Bunny

My trail camera took about 1,500 pictures of that blade of grass yesterday. Scrolling through them all took a while. It looks like my cat was hunting for baby bunnies again. He didn't show up for dinner last night, apparently preferring free … [Read more...]