More Bobcat Pictures


The neighborhood bobcat passed by again. This picture was taken about 30 minutes after a picture of my cat in the same spot.

Bobcat by chicken run

The bobcat passing by the Omlet Eglu chicken coop and run, which still seems to be bobcat-proof.


Another bobcat visit.

bobcat Bobcat

This one was followed by a picture of Kailey the Cowdog, who was set off by bobcat scent again.

A closer look.

I'm not sure what this is.

Still not sure.


Update 10/13/19: the bobcat passed by twice more.


And can definitely smell chicken dinner inside the Omlet Eglu coop, but can't get to it.


Passed by a while later and didn't approach the coop at all.

Chicken Coop Possum

And then a possum showed up. It looks like the back half of this one must be inside the chicken run. There's a movie taken a couple of minutes later that looks like it was up on top.


Got a rare daytime visit from the bobcat yesterday afternoon.

Bobcat Cropped

A closer look...

Bobcat in Daylight Nov 2019 from Tom Ray on Vimeo.

I wish the accompanying video were longer. It stops just as the bobcat looks like it's getting ready to charge at the squirrel.

Raccoon Posing

I get lots of pictures of this raccoon but it doesn't often pose right in front of the camera.

Flying Squirrel

Hah! A stunt squirrel!

Coyote Eyes

I wasn't sure if this was a dog, coyote, or something else when looking at this picture but the video cleared things up. Two coyotes!

Coyotes On Trail Camera from Tom Ray on Vimeo.

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