Boating Fun

Stories about fun times I've had boating.

Klepper Foldable Kayak Adventures

In the late 1990's I bought a Klepper Aerius Expedition foldable kayak with factory sailing kit from Sweetwater Kayaks in St Petersburg, FL. I thought it was the neatest thing in the world and still do, but it gets little use because my rotomolded … [Read more...]

Cowmaran Trip Up The Myakka River

Ever since he created the Cowmaran, Don has talked about wanting to take it as far as possible up the Myakka River, just to see what is up there and see how far the boat can get. He and his wife took an experimental journey up the river, but only got … [Read more...]

Replacing RC Sailboat Electronics

About 15 years ago, I decided to buy a remote controlled sailboat to get a quick sailing fix in the pond. Not being interested in building a model, I bought a ready-to-sail Kyosho Fairwind from a local hobby shop, took it home, and started playing … [Read more...]

Welcome to the WordPress Tropical Boating!

After a great deal of work by Tropical Web Works and some editorial skimming by me, we are happy to announce the transition of Tropical Boating to the WordPress platform. The change will make it easier to find related content on the site, will enable … [Read more...]

Remembering The Thunderboats

The Day The Thunderboats Died Miss Budweister to be Sold, and Remembering Piston Powered Unlimited Hydroplanes The Miss Budweiser Hydroplane, shown here on display at Muscle Car City, was recently listed for auction on eBay. We saw … [Read more...]

Cortez Florida Small Craft Festival

Visiting the Florida Gulf Coast Traditional Small Craft Festival FISH Boatworks and Florida Maritime Museum at Cortez, FL Cortez Traditional Small Craft Festival Fleet At Docks The historic fishing village of Cortez, FL is clinging … [Read more...]

Swimming With Humpback Whales – Day 5 & End

Red Clouds In Morning Thursday started out with the underside of high clouds painted red by the sun. The breeze was still blowing, but not quite as hard as on previous days. The persistent wind made me wish we were allowed to bring our sailing … [Read more...]

Swimming With Humpback Whales – Days 3 and 4

Tuesday Sunrise We woke up Tuesday to strong winds, above the 25 knot wind limit set for Silver Bank whale watch operators. The weather delay meant a leisurely breakfast watching for whales around the mooring area. The coral heads scattered around … [Read more...]

Swimming With Humpback Whales – Day 2

Blazing Sunrise Monday morning we had lots of whales around the mooring area as we were sipping coffee on deck before breakfast. One was pec slapping just beyond the Turks & Caicos Explorer II, moored next to us, then put on a display of … [Read more...]

Swimming With Humpback Whales – Day 1

Welcome to the Silver Bank! The journey, the adventure, and our first day with the Humpback Whales For ten years now, my friend Gene has told me about his annual pilgrimage to the Silver Bank to swim with the Humpback Whales in the Marine Mammal … [Read more...]