Boating Fun

Stories about fun times I've had boating.

Swimming With Humpback Whales On The Silver Bank

Marine Mammal Sanctuary Silver Bank, Dominican Republic Swimming with Humpback Whales on the Silver Bank Our trip to the Silver Bank off the Dominican Republic to swim with the Humpback Whales with Conscious Breath Adventures! … [Read more...]

Remote-Control Sailing

What Sailors Do When They Can't Sail A Real Boat You can see the hole the keel is digging in the water as the boat tries to accelerate on her side. Lots of wasted energy. The sailboat is funny going downwind Here the boat is trimmed in … [Read more...]

An Adventure Island Kayak Sail in Shell Creek During the Fringes of Ike

We decided to take our Hobie Adventure Islands out while Hurricane Ike was thrashing Cuba. As Hurricane Ike made its way along Cuba, we got some strong east winds in this part of Florida. All the rain was quite a ways south of us, so we were … [Read more...]

Sailing the Sun Cat with Puppies 2010

Com-Pac Sun Cat sailing with Tom & Sonja bringing along Libby the Junkyard Dog and Luke the Cowdog Motoring the Suncat under the bridge with puppies on guard duty. After a cold winter during which we had few opportunities to sail our Com-Pac … [Read more...]

Watching a Fishing Boat Sink While Sailing My Kayak

Fishermen throw up roostertails as they head out for the Redfish Tournament The fishing boat promptly began sinking They turned back up into shallow water. As they approached the dock, I yelled to them that I might have the plug … [Read more...]

Tilt and Trim Fun With My Boston Whaler

My old fifteen-foot Boston Whaler was a teenager's dream boat — but it didn't have hydraulic tilt and trim.When I was a teenager, we had a 15' Boston Whaler aptly named the Flying Shingle. The engine was a 70 hp Johnson, and the boat was fantastic. … [Read more...]

Paddling in the Florida Keys in a Clear-Bottom Kayak

My buddy getting his clear kayak ready for me to take out.Off in the background you can see the dock I paddled to, with the little artificial reef Finally, just because it's so cool, these are the tarpon at Robbie's on Islamorada. We always stop … [Read more...]

The 2 Basic Rules of Boating Fun

When you choose your boat for its maximum pleasure ratio, you spend more time out in your boat, and less time working on it. If you're reading this, chances are you spend lots of your time and money on boats. Why do you do that? Some of you just … [Read more...]

Feeding the Crew on a Ham and Cheese Sandwich

We could play it safe and share a ham and cheese sandwich.Or we could throw caution to the wind and use the sandwich for bait. If we got lucky, we would be dining on fresh grilled fish. If not, we'd go hungry. I'd rather feast on fresh-caught … [Read more...]

Dramatic Dawn Dinghy Rescue

Or, How I Almost Lost My 11' Boston Whaler While Crossing the Little Bahama Bank Driving my little Whaler in smoother waters The monstrous bow cleat I had installed on my little 11-foot Boston Whaler. This giant cleat was very convenient, … [Read more...]