Tropical Boating

Stories of my adventures with boats: sailing them, paddling them, fishing in them, fixing them, nearly getting killed in them, and loving them. No life is complete without a boat to mess about in.

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Butterfly Sex And More Critters

Libby With Gopher Tortoise It’s not easy being a gopher tortoise that strays into our yard. Libby grabs them and puts them upside down on the ground and guards them until I come along and put them back outside the Invisible Fence where she can’t… Read more

Bobcat and Coyote Still Around

Bobcat By Pond Spring The pictures in the previous post show the neighborhood bobcat passing close to an oak tree and pretty far from the camera. I figured I’d get a better close-up pic if I moved the camera to that tree. Yes, those trees… Read more

Bobcat and Coyote on Trail Camera

I have kept my trail camera pointing at our chickens as I move the chicken tractor around the yard each morning but haven’t seen any critters trying to get at them in a while. I moved the chickens to a part of the yard where only the boldest… Read more

Chicken Run Extension

The railings from our old pontoon boat have been sitting on a Hobie Cat in my driveway for a while, waiting for me to either recycle the aluminum or find a purpose for them. Glad I never got around to recycling them because I figured out that… Read more

Blue Crab Gone Walkabout

I was picking up branches down in the bottom of my yard pretty near the marsh and next to one of them was a blue crab. It looked green and sort of moist on top, but drying. It was just sitting there but I was pretty sure it was alive. Poke. Yep,… Read more

Artesian Pond Swim – June 2019

The pond in my yard is fed by an artesian spring from the Lower Hawthorne section of the Florida Aquifer. It’s not exactly fresh water, though it has cypress trees all around. My tropical fruit trees don’t like the water much but it’s acceptable to… Read more

Small Bobcat Visits Chickens

Small Bobcat This bobcat looks quite a bit smaller than the one captured previously by my trail camera. That PVC pipe in the background stands 18″ tall and is noticeably taller than the cat. A cropped closer view shows that this cat… Read more

Pond Feeding Video

I throw finger mullet chunks to some of the fish in my pond and decided to try an underwater video of the action today. Pond Feeding Video from Tom Ray on… Read more

Bolger Folding Schooner Needs Rescue

This Bolger Folding Schooner was built and sailed by a local man who eventually got too old to handle it any more. He donated it to the Charlotte Harbor Community Sailing Center, a non-profit organization that supports youth sailing, disabled… Read more

Alligators Facing Off Over A Bobber

A couple of Shell Creek gators that have learned that fishermen mean food were having a dispute over whose fishermen we are. These are pretty small but still dangerous animals and completely unafraid of people. They will probably mess… Read more