Tropical Boating

Stories of my adventures with boats: sailing them, paddling them, fishing in them, fixing them, nearly getting killed in them, and loving them. No life is complete without a boat to mess about in.

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Waiting for that First Egg

Our chickens hatched around April 1, 2019 and are about due to start laying eggs. They’re looking very robust and healthy and in this picture you can see some of the green sheen in the feathers on their backs. We bought some ceramic… Read more

Watching Hurricane Dorian

Wednesday 8/28/19 at 2 pm As the state of PANIC here in Florida winds down with forecasts showing Hurricane Dorian will miss us, it seems like a good time to review the projected storm path and how it panned out. When I first noticed Dorian,… Read more

Klepper Foldable Kayak Sailing Charlotte Harbor

I paddle my Klepper more often than I sail it because adding the sailing stuff takes time and the leeboard brace takes up cockpit space. It is fun to sail in the right conditions so when I saw a good weather forecast coming up I decided it was… Read more

Tater Force One Takes Flight

Speck Tater I took my DJI drone out on the Speck Tater today and had a good time practicing my (very limited) camera and video skills. The space out on the bow between the railings is pretty small so I decided to try hand launching it. “This… Read more

Thirsty Chickens!

Chicken Drinking The chickens always seem thirsty in the morning and come right over when I refresh the water dish. One of them either can’t wait or likes her water flowing and always drinks from the stream as I pour. One or two of the others… Read more

More & More Bobcat Pictures

Bobcat I got 16 new bobcat photos on the trail camera over the past few nights. The bobcat continues to seem completely unaware of the camera and its infrared flash. Bobcat Bobcat Bobcat Bobcat Bobcat Bobcat… Read more

A Hawk, A Bobcat, And A Naughty Dog

Hawk Wanting Chickens I’m not sure if I keep seeing the same hawk or if more than one of them is trying to figure out how to break into our Eglu coop and have a chicken dinner. Either way, glad the coop and the run extension that I made seem… Read more

Pond Swim With Grandkids

We have both of the grandkids overnight for the first time and took a swim in the pond during the late afternoon heat today. Here’s Brielle with her swim floats. We swam over to the artesian spring and I found this school of baby bass… Read more

Volunteering for Charlotte Harbor Seagrass Survey

Seagrass Survey After reading a good article on upcoming seagrass and scallop surveys in our area, I decided to volunteer. Yesterday we took Florida Sea Grant Program extension agent Betty Staugler out on our pontoon boat and had a look at a few… Read more

Hawk Got Another Squirrel

Hawk Catches Squirrel The game camera got this shot of a red shouldered hawk yesterday afternoon. I’m still impressed that it can shoot pictures fast enough to get things like spread wings on landing. A closer look shows something… Read more