Restoring the stray goat Julie B after she followed me home one day. The Goat Island Skiff is a lightweight sailboat designed to be simple, fast and fun to build and sail. Goat Island Skiff Plans are available on designer Michael Storer's website.

Reviving The Stray Goat

A couple of years ago, the Goat Island Skiff Julie B was donated by her builder to the Charlotte Harbor Community Sailing Center. The intent was to sell her to some lucky sailor and use the proceeds to help support the Center's programs. What … [Read more...]

Goat Island Skiff Runners

When the stray goat Julie B followed me home, she did it on my wife's trailer. The bunks were just the wrong distance apart and I didn't feel like moving them. As a result, one runner broke free from the bottom of the boat and a piece of it was lost. … [Read more...]