Better Use of Punta Gorda Bayfront Center is Possible

The city-owned Punta Gorda Bayfront Center, located on Charlotte Harbor adjacent to Gilchrist Park, is currently leased to the YMCA, but a competing lease proposal by the Charlotte Harbor Community Sailing Center would provide better utilization of … [Read more...]

Buy the Right Kayak Paddle

Having the right kayak paddle is nearly as important as having the right kayak. If you kayak a lot, and paddle long distances, the benefits of a really great paddle become obvious. Buying A Kayak Paddle The first time I bought a kayak … [Read more...]

Watching a Fishing Boat Sink While Sailing My Kayak

Fishermen throw up roostertails as they head out for the Redfish Tournament The fishing boat promptly began sinking They turned back up into shallow water. As they approached the dock, I yelled to them that I might have the plug … [Read more...]

Paddling in the Florida Keys in a Clear-Bottom Kayak

My buddy getting his clear kayak ready for me to take out.Off in the background you can see the dock I paddled to, with the little artificial reef Finally, just because it's so cool, these are the tarpon at Robbie's on Islamorada. We always stop … [Read more...]

Sailing My Foldable Klepper Kayak

My Klepper foldable kayak, without the sail rig. Scroll down to see my video My Klepper foldable kayak, with the sail rigging attached. Finally, actually sailing the kayak. The Klepper Aerius Expedition foldable kayak has the … [Read more...]

Hobie Mirage Adventure Island: His Review

Sailing / Paddling / Pedaling the Hobie Mirage Adventure Island The akas attach to crossbeams with a single pin His and Hers Reviews — His Review See Her Review Sailing the Hobie Adventure Island trimaran "Sail/Yak" is a pure sailing … [Read more...]

Hobie Mirage Adventure Island: Her Review

Sailing / Paddling / Pedaling the Hobie Mirage Adventure Island The Hobie Mirage Adventure Island — the kayak that sails, paddles, and pedals. His and Hers Reviews — Her Review See His Review Hobie calls it a 16' trimaran … [Read more...]

Kayaking into a Dolphin Feeding Frenzy

The area in Charlotte Harbor where I paddled into a dolphin feeding frenzy. This pic was taken while I was out in my blue racing kayak. I didn't dare get out my camera while I was in the midst of the dolphins that day. A mother dolphin and her baby. … [Read more...]