Selecting A Handheld GPS Chartplotter

We chose the Garmin Oregon 400C handheld GPS/Chartplotter. Its touchscreen technology allows it to have a bigger screen in a smaller, lighter unit, and the touch controls are intuitive and easy to use. Shop for handheld GPS units I … [Read more...]

PFDs: Personal Flotation Devices

Safety first is the golden rule of boating. Children should always wear a PFD while out on boats, and adults and pets should wear them whenever conditions warrant it. Anyone who can't swim, including adults, should always have on a PFD while aboard a … [Read more...]

Hobie Mirage Adventure Island: Her Review

Sailing / Paddling / Pedaling the Hobie Mirage Adventure Island The Hobie Mirage Adventure Island — the kayak that sails, paddles, and pedals. His and Hers Reviews — Her Review See His Review Hobie calls it a 16' trimaran … [Read more...]

Sailing Alone Around the World — Appendix

By Joshua Slocum [Illustration: Again tied to the old stake at Fairhaven.] LINES AND SAIL-PLAN OF THE "SPRAY" Her pedigree so far as known — The Lines of the Spray — Her self-steering qualities — Sail-plan and steering-gear — An … [Read more...]

Sailing Alone Around the World – Chapter 21

By Joshua Slocum Clearing for home — In the calm belt — A sea covered with sargasso — The jibstay parts in a gale — Welcomed by a tornado off Fire Island — A change of plan — Arrival at Newport — End of a cruise of over forty-six thousand miles — … [Read more...]

Sailing Alone Around the World – Chapter 20

By Joshua Slocum In the favoring current off Cape St. Roque, Brazil — All at sea regarding the Spanish-American war — An exchange of signals with the battle-ship Oregon — Off Dreyfus's prison on Devil's Island — Reappearance to the Spray of the … [Read more...]

Sailing Alone Around the World – Chapter 19

By Joshua Slocum In the isle of Napoleon's exile — Two lectures — A guest in the ghost-room at Plantation House — An excursion to historic Longwood — Coffee in the husk, and a goat to shell it — The Spray's ill luck with animals — A prejudice … [Read more...]

Sailing Alone Around the World – Chapter 18

By Joshua Slocum Rounding the "Cape of Storms" in olden time — A rough Christmas — The Spray ties up for a three months' rest at Cape Town — A railway trip to the Transvaal — President Kruger's odd definition of the Spray's voyage — His terse … [Read more...]

Sailing Alone Around the World – Chapter 17

By Joshua Slocum A clean bill of health at Mauritius — Sailing the voyage over again in the opera-house — A newly discovered plant named in honor of the Spray's skipper — A party of young ladies out for a sail — A bivouac on deck — A warm … [Read more...]

Sailing Alone Around the World – Chapter 16

By Joshua Slocum A call for careful navigation — Three hours' steering in twenty-three days — Arrival at the Keeling Cocos Islands — A curious chapter of social history — A welcome from the children of the islands — Cleaning and painting the … [Read more...]