CSY Electronics Upgrade — 1980s Style

When my brother and I bought a CSY 44 back in 1987, the boat had older electronics installed, and none worked particularly well. We decided to outfit the boat with state of the art navigation and communications equipment, and we kind of went … [Read more...]

The Catalina 309: A Review

The Catalina 309 A self-tailing winch on the coachroof can be used for the outhaul or the mainsheet, but in practice is only needed for fine adjustments in strong winds. The furler loop turns a winch that is mounted into the mast. The winch … [Read more...]

Anchoring with Two Anchors, Bahamian Style Mooring

To keep each boat swinging around in the smallest possible area, two anchors are deployed in the "Bahamian style mooring" arrangement shown in the picture at left. When anchoring out in the Bahamas you will frequently find that the protected … [Read more...]

Sailing Alone Around the World — Appendix

By Joshua Slocum [Illustration: Again tied to the old stake at Fairhaven.] LINES AND SAIL-PLAN OF THE "SPRAY" Her pedigree so far as known — The Lines of the Spray — Her self-steering qualities — Sail-plan and steering-gear — An … [Read more...]

Sailing Alone Around the World – Chapter 21

By Joshua Slocum Clearing for home — In the calm belt — A sea covered with sargasso — The jibstay parts in a gale — Welcomed by a tornado off Fire Island — A change of plan — Arrival at Newport — End of a cruise of over forty-six thousand miles — … [Read more...]

Sailing Alone Around the World – Chapter 20

By Joshua Slocum In the favoring current off Cape St. Roque, Brazil — All at sea regarding the Spanish-American war — An exchange of signals with the battle-ship Oregon — Off Dreyfus's prison on Devil's Island — Reappearance to the Spray of the … [Read more...]

Sailing Alone Around the World – Chapter 19

By Joshua Slocum In the isle of Napoleon's exile — Two lectures — A guest in the ghost-room at Plantation House — An excursion to historic Longwood — Coffee in the husk, and a goat to shell it — The Spray's ill luck with animals — A prejudice … [Read more...]

Sailing Alone Around the World – Chapter 18

By Joshua Slocum Rounding the "Cape of Storms" in olden time — A rough Christmas — The Spray ties up for a three months' rest at Cape Town — A railway trip to the Transvaal — President Kruger's odd definition of the Spray's voyage — His terse … [Read more...]

Sailing Alone Around the World – Chapter 17

By Joshua Slocum A clean bill of health at Mauritius — Sailing the voyage over again in the opera-house — A newly discovered plant named in honor of the Spray's skipper — A party of young ladies out for a sail — A bivouac on deck — A warm … [Read more...]

Sailing Alone Around the World – Chapter 16

By Joshua Slocum A call for careful navigation — Three hours' steering in twenty-three days — Arrival at the Keeling Cocos Islands — A curious chapter of social history — A welcome from the children of the islands — Cleaning and painting the … [Read more...]