Setting An Anchor: 4 Easy Steps

The proper technique for setting a single anchor can be broken down into four phases of action: the approach, the drop, paying out rode, and setting the anchor. Follow these steps each time you anchor, and you give your anchor the best chance of … [Read more...]

Choosing An Anchor and Bottom Tackle

When choosing an anchor for your boat, there are many factors you should consider. It may well be that you need more than one type of anchor to be properly prepared for all the types of situations you may encounter. The size (weight) and type of … [Read more...]

Anchoring with Two Anchors, Bahamian Style Mooring

To keep each boat swinging around in the smallest possible area, two anchors are deployed in the "Bahamian style mooring" arrangement shown in the picture at left. When anchoring out in the Bahamas you will frequently find that the protected … [Read more...]