Better Use of Punta Gorda Bayfront Center is Possible

The city-owned Punta Gorda Bayfront Center, located on Charlotte Harbor adjacent to Gilchrist Park, is currently leased to the YMCA, but a competing lease proposal by the Charlotte Harbor Community Sailing Center would provide better utilization of … [Read more...]

PFDs: Personal Flotation Devices

Safety first is the golden rule of boating. Children should always wear a PFD while out on boats, and adults and pets should wear them whenever conditions warrant it. Anyone who can't swim, including adults, should always have on a PFD while aboard a … [Read more...]

Boating and Thunderstorms Don’t Mix

When you're out in a boat, a nice day can turn ugly and wretched awfully fast Boating Can Be Miserable When You Get Caught in a Thunderstorm One fine summer morning when I was a teen, I took off in our 15 Whaler with my girlfriend and my … [Read more...]

What Should Be In Your Small Boat Marine Toolkit

Marine Tool Kit With First Aid Supplies for Small Boats Selecting Your Marine Toolbox First, if you want a waterproof marine tool box, get one that is also airtight. I've used a "waterproof" marine tool kit on small boats, and most are merely water … [Read more...]

Never Let Go – The First Rule of Boating Safety

Never Let Go of the Boat Not Even for a Split Second A group of us had gone out spearfishing off the Berry Islands in my friend's inflatable dinghy. I had left my swim fins in our boat. No problem, I would stay in the boat and pick up fish … [Read more...]