Outboard Lower Unit Crack

We have an old 3 cylinder Yamaha two-stroke on the 15' Boston Whaler and the normally reliable beast recently stranded us for the very first time before magically fixing itself. It has been running perfectly ever since. I think it has an intermittent … [Read more...]

Selecting and Installing a Fishfinder

We decided to install a fishfinder on our 15' Boston Whaler and use the boat for more fishing trips around Charlotte Harbor. My last experience with fishfinder/depthfinder technology was long ago, and I had no idea of the current state of technology … [Read more...]

Boston Whaler Rub Rail Reinforcement

Old rub rail protector (click to enlarge) Years ago I spotted a 13 foot Boston Whaler that looked a bit odd, as if the rubrail were larger than normal. I wondered how that guy managed to get a heavier duty rub rail for his boat and went to check it … [Read more...]

More Boston Whaler Modifications

Modifying and Upgrading My Boston Whaler I added little wood rails around the top of the mahogany console. It works to keep drinks, handheld GPS, and other small items from sliding off the console. I wrap this 2" plastic food grade … [Read more...]

Modifying And Upgrading My Boston Whaler Super Sport 15

Molded fiberglass stub cleats, painted white and ready for installation. The port side cleat installed on the deck. Starboard side cleat installed on the deck. The perfect boat seats Fuel tank set in place in the Whaler with … [Read more...]

A Little Morning Project Spirals Out of Control

A "little morning project" to replace a bracket for the outboard steering arm ended up involving complete disassembly and revarnishing of the mahogany console on my Boston Whaler. We had some problems with the 70 hp Mercury that came with our old … [Read more...]

Tilt and Trim Fun With My Boston Whaler

My old fifteen-foot Boston Whaler was a teenager's dream boat — but it didn't have hydraulic tilt and trim.When I was a teenager, we had a 15' Boston Whaler aptly named the Flying Shingle. The engine was a 70 hp Johnson, and the boat was fantastic. … [Read more...]

Boating and Thunderstorms Don’t Mix

When you're out in a boat, a nice day can turn ugly and wretched awfully fast Boating Can Be Miserable When You Get Caught in a Thunderstorm One fine summer morning when I was a teen, I took off in our 15 Whaler with my girlfriend and my … [Read more...]

New Power Tilt and Trim for a Boston Whaler

The hydraulic tilt and trim on my Boston Whaler's Merc 70 Q: How many sailors does it take to screw in a lightbulb?A: It's cheaper to sit in the dark. When we first bought our 1989 Boston Whaler 15, there was a slow leak in the … [Read more...]