Selecting and Installing a Fishfinder

We decided to install a fishfinder on our 15' Boston Whaler and use the boat for more fishing trips around Charlotte Harbor. My last experience with fishfinder/depthfinder technology was long ago, and I had no idea of the current state of technology … [Read more...]

I Know You’re Out There

Must be redfish around those pilings... The water had that look. I don't know how to describe it but I knew there was a fish among the pilings of the pier. It just had that LOOK. Some of you fishermen know what I mean. At that moment, with … [Read more...]

Losing A Spear To A Shark

The best diving and spearfishing in the Exumas can usually be found in the cuts between the islands. When the tide is flowing, you can drift through and spear any fish you happen to come across, then ride on the boat back to the up current side and … [Read more...]