Making Your Own Fender Boards in 2 Easy Steps

The best way to protect a boat that is rubbing on pilings at the dock is with a fender board. A fender board is simply a piece of wood hung outside of two fenders which are hung off the side of a boat. The board rubs up and down on the pilings, and … [Read more...]

Tying Boats to Docks Using Springlines

This boat is making good use of spring lines to keep the boat in place at the dock. When a boat is docked where the tide will go up and down, there are several ways to ensure that dock lines remain relatively tight and the boat does not move … [Read more...]

Dock Lines

  Here's a guideline for the diameter sizes appropriate for different boat sizes: Length of Boat Recommended Diameter of Dock Line Up to … [Read more...]

Docking Outboard-Powered Small Sailboats

An outboard engine may look a little funny hanging off the back of a sailboat, but it can offer extra maneuverability that is impossible with inboard engines. Inboard engines are prone to "prop walk" at slow speeds, because the shaft is usually … [Read more...]

How to Dock an Outboard or Sterndrive Powerboat in 3 Easy Pictures

In the images below, the red arrow on the boat is a speed vector, indicating the speed and direction of movement of the boat 1. Approach the dock at an angle, then shift into neutral 2. Turn the engine hard over toward the dock, then … [Read more...]