Boating Equipment

GPS, chartplotter, VHF, dinghies, rigging, lines, outboards, safety equipment..... This is where I talk about gear for your boat.

Building a Live Bait Well For A Small Boat

This is what I came up with to use as a livewell on my 15' Boston Whaler.I bought a round drink cooler at Wal Mart, and removed the handle on one side. In its place, I drilled a hole with a hole saw and installed an ordinary plastic bulkhead … [Read more...]

Choosing An Anchor and Bottom Tackle

When choosing an anchor for your boat, there are many factors you should consider. It may well be that you need more than one type of anchor to be properly prepared for all the types of situations you may encounter. The size (weight) and type of … [Read more...]

Dock Lines

  Here's a guideline for the diameter sizes appropriate for different boat sizes: Length of Boat Recommended Diameter of Dock Line Up to … [Read more...]

What’s in YOUR Drybox?

A Small Boat's Drybox and Its Contents The Quick and Easy Drybox Solution for a Small Boat The bowlocker on my Boston Whaler stays pretty full. In the picture you can see the lifejacket and anchor and rode. I also keep a gallon jug of water and my … [Read more...]

Dry Storage Solutions – Tips from Tropical Boating

Dry Bags, Dry Boxes, and Dry Pouches A dry bag, a dry pouch, and a combination bailer/dry storage container make good dry storage solutions on a small boat. Shop for Dry Bags In addition to the cooler I use as a dry box on my Boston Whaler, I … [Read more...]

Repacking or Replacing Trailer Wheel Bearings

One of the wheels on my small trailer lost its bearings. They were badly deteriorated, and on a slow-speed run down our driveway, the wheel just started spitting bearing parts out onto the grass. It was pretty ugly, and the wheel was just clunking … [Read more...]

Dramatic Dawn Dinghy Rescue

Or, How I Almost Lost My 11' Boston Whaler While Crossing the Little Bahama Bank Driving my little Whaler in smoother waters The monstrous bow cleat I had installed on my little 11-foot Boston Whaler. This giant cleat was very convenient, … [Read more...]

Outboard Engine Flushing Bucket

This flushing bucket makes it easy to flush the outboard thoroughly, without needing any special tools. Flushing an outboard engine with fresh water after use in salt water will greatly extend the life of the engine and reduce maintenance costs … [Read more...]

Choking the New Engine During Break-In — Or, How To Solve Problems By Reading the Owner’s Manual

My friend Kley had a 21 Hydra Sports back in the late 70s, and it had a 175 hp Mariner outboard on it. Though the Hydra Sports hull was made with Kevlar, it was still a fairly heavy boat for its size, and it had a very deep deadrise angle that … [Read more...]

Making a Clear-Bottom Bucket

The completed clear-bottom bucket Peering through the clear-bottom bucket at the fish in my pond. When searching for a good spearfishing area in the Bahamas, our usual technique was to look for some interesting-looking bottom features and … [Read more...]