Blue Crab Gone Walkabout

I was picking up branches down in the bottom of my yard pretty near the marsh and next to one of them was a blue crab. It looked green and sort of moist on top, but drying. It was just sitting there but I was pretty sure it was alive. Poke. Yep, alive and pissed off to see me, which is about the only mood blue crabs seem to have. I went to a shed and got a trash can and flicked it inside, which was not well received. I tossed it in the pond and even that didn't seem to improve its mood any but I'm pretty sure it will live. They thrive in there.

What was a blue crab doing out in the open grass? If there had not been branches there, it would have very soon encountered the lawn mower. It was about 40 feet through mostly heavy brush from the marsh, about 60 feet from the pond runoff ditch, which always flows about 50 gallons a minute, and at least 150 feet (with a house in between) from the pond. It could have walked there from any of those three places, but why would a blue crab walk out into the grass and just sit down?

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