Fishing New Years Day 2020

Twin Vee 22 Turtle Bay

We took our Twin Vee 22 down near the mouth of Charlotte Harbor today for some fishing. The water was thick with bait fish and some of them helpfully schooled up just in front of our boat so I threw a cast net at them.

We had a livewell full of whitebait, pinfish, and shrimp and fished Bull Bay, Devilfish Key, and the mouth of Turtle Bay but only managed to almost catch one mackerel. Lost a couple, including one that was probably a mackerel and one that was probably a shark, both of which bit right through the leaders.

Turtle Bay Inlet

Even though the fish weren't biting much, we did get quite a show from the dolphins and pelicans feeding in the mouth of Bull Bay. Toward the end of the day I gave up on fishing and flew my drone for a bit. The pics were taken near the Island Bay National Wildlife Refuge in the mouth of Turtle Bay.

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