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Dinghy Towing Equipment and Techniques

Selecting and Using the Dinghy Tow Line A stainless steel snap hook like this one makes it easy to attach your dinghy tow line. Floating plastic 3 strand rope makes a great dinghy tow line. A 3 strand nylon line works quite well too, but … [Read more...]

A Boat, or an Experimental Hydro Rocket? You decide…

My HydraSports (aka Experimental Hydro Rocket II) after Hurricane Andrew Shop: Remote Control (RC) Flying Rocket Ever wanted to fly a remote control rocket? Now you can pilot your very own rc rocket. These rc toys will have you soaring to … [Read more...]

New Power Tilt and Trim for a Boston Whaler

The hydraulic tilt and trim on my Boston Whaler's Merc 70 Q: How many sailors does it take to screw in a lightbulb?A: It's cheaper to sit in the dark. When we first bought our 1989 Boston Whaler 15, there was a slow leak in the … [Read more...]

The Catalina Expo 12.5: A Review

The Catalina Expo 12.5 Reviewed May 2007 I took the Catalina Expo 12.5 out for small boat sailing day with the Punta Gorda Sailing Club and learned a bit more about how the boat likes to sail in light air. On the way out, I passed one of … [Read more...]

What Should Be In Your Small Boat Marine Toolkit

Marine Tool Kit With First Aid Supplies for Small Boats Selecting Your Marine Toolbox First, if you want a waterproof marine tool box, get one that is also airtight. I've used a "waterproof" marine tool kit on small boats, and most are merely water … [Read more...]

Sailing Alone Around the World — Appendix

By Joshua Slocum [Illustration: Again tied to the old stake at Fairhaven.] LINES AND SAIL-PLAN OF THE "SPRAY" Her pedigree so far as known — The Lines of the Spray — Her self-steering qualities — Sail-plan and steering-gear — An … [Read more...]

Sailing Alone Around the World – Chapter 21

By Joshua Slocum Clearing for home — In the calm belt — A sea covered with sargasso — The jibstay parts in a gale — Welcomed by a tornado off Fire Island — A change of plan — Arrival at Newport — End of a cruise of over forty-six thousand miles — … [Read more...]

Sailing Alone Around the World – Chapter 20

By Joshua Slocum In the favoring current off Cape St. Roque, Brazil — All at sea regarding the Spanish-American war — An exchange of signals with the battle-ship Oregon — Off Dreyfus's prison on Devil's Island — Reappearance to the Spray of the … [Read more...]

Sailing Alone Around the World – Chapter 19

By Joshua Slocum In the isle of Napoleon's exile — Two lectures — A guest in the ghost-room at Plantation House — An excursion to historic Longwood — Coffee in the husk, and a goat to shell it — The Spray's ill luck with animals — A prejudice … [Read more...]

Sailing Alone Around the World – Chapter 18

By Joshua Slocum Rounding the "Cape of Storms" in olden time — A rough Christmas — The Spray ties up for a three months' rest at Cape Town — A railway trip to the Transvaal — President Kruger's odd definition of the Spray's voyage — His terse … [Read more...]