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Blue Crab Gone Walkabout

I was picking up branches down in the bottom of my yard pretty near the marsh and next to one of them was a blue crab. It looked green and sort of moist on top, but drying. It was just sitting there but I was pretty sure it was alive. Poke. Yep, … [Read more...]

Artesian Pond Swim – June 2019

The pond in my yard is fed by an artesian spring from the Lower Hawthorne section of the Florida Aquifer. It's not exactly fresh water, though it has cypress trees all around. My tropical fruit trees don't like the water much but it's acceptable to … [Read more...]

Small Bobcat Visits Chickens

This bobcat looks quite a bit smaller than the one captured previously by my trail camera. That PVC pipe in the background stands 18" tall and is noticeably taller than the cat. A cropped closer view shows that this cat also has a shorter … [Read more...]

Pond Feeding Video

I throw finger mullet chunks to some of the fish in my pond and decided to try an underwater video of the action today. Pond Feeding Video from Tom Ray on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

Bolger Folding Schooner Needs Rescue

This Bolger Folding Schooner was built and sailed by a local man who eventually got too old to handle it any more. He donated it to the Charlotte Harbor Community Sailing Center, a non-profit organization that supports youth sailing, disabled … [Read more...]

Alligators Facing Off Over A Bobber

A couple of Shell Creek gators that have learned that fishermen mean food were having a dispute over whose fishermen we are. These are pretty small but still dangerous animals and completely unafraid of people. They will probably mess with the … [Read more...]

Kids Sailing Camp 2019 – Day 4

I missed Day 3 but got back out to sail with the kids this morning. The wind was light and fluky in the basin but picked up once we got out into Alligator Bay. There was enough breeze to move the Sunfish along nicely and the kids were … [Read more...]

2019 Lychee Crop

After a crop of around a thousand pounds last year, most of my lychee trees have taken a year off. A lychee sabbatical, I suppose. This is not unusual for lychee trees but is disappointing. The picture shows almost my entire 2019 crop. I'm trying … [Read more...]

Kids Sailing Camp 2019 – Day 2 6/11/19

The kids were back on the water today and I brought my Hobie Adventure Island to chase them around. We had a nice breeze in the morning, just strong enough to keep them moving without scaring them. When they got it right, the … [Read more...]

Kids Sailing Camp 2019 – Day 1 – 6/10/19

I have not had time in the past few years to volunteer at a Kids Sailing Camp but decided to make time for it this year. The Charlotte Harbor Community Sailing Center's fleet has grown in that time and the county has helped by upgrading the facility … [Read more...]