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Boating and Thunderstorms Don’t Mix

When you're out in a boat, a nice day can turn ugly and wretched awfully fast Boating Can Be Miserable When You Get Caught in a Thunderstorm One fine summer morning when I was a teen, I took off in our 15 Whaler with my girlfriend and my … [Read more...]

Docking Outboard-Powered Small Sailboats

An outboard engine may look a little funny hanging off the back of a sailboat, but it can offer extra maneuverability that is impossible with inboard engines. Inboard engines are prone to "prop walk" at slow speeds, because the shaft is usually … [Read more...]

Sailing My Foldable Klepper Kayak

My Klepper foldable kayak, without the sail rig. Scroll down to see my video My Klepper foldable kayak, with the sail rigging attached. Finally, actually sailing the kayak. The Klepper Aerius Expedition foldable kayak has the … [Read more...]