Boat Repairs & Upgrades

Upgrading and repairs can be costly and time-consuming. But one thing you can always count on: Your boat will need upgrades and repairs.

Installing a Boomkicker® K0750 on a Com-Pac Sun Cat

Sun Cat Cattitude Catboat Willie and I went over to Laishley Park Marina to help our friend Craig put his new Boomkicker® K0750 on his Com-Pac Sun Cat, Cattitude. I had previously installed a couple of Boomkicker 400s on Precision 185 sailboats, so … [Read more...]

Selecting and Installing a Fishfinder

We decided to install a fishfinder on our 15' Boston Whaler and use the boat for more fishing trips around Charlotte Harbor. My last experience with fishfinder/depthfinder technology was long ago, and I had no idea of the current state of technology … [Read more...]

A Sun Shade for my Com-Pac Sun Cat Sailboat

I dug the 6 holes, each one a fair amount bigger than the concrete block that would fill it. I want to build a pole barn to house my boat collection. I like to keep them all out of the sun and covered, but our Com-Pac Sun Cat had no shelter while … [Read more...]

Wax or PoliGlow on Blue Boat Topsides

Click any picture to enlarge Compound/Wax vs PoliGlow to Shine & Protect Dark Colored Hull Topsides Making our Com-Pac Sun Cat shiny and easy to clean The original owner had waxed the hull of our Com-Pac Sun Cat, the Wily Conch, twice a … [Read more...]

Boston Whaler Rub Rail Reinforcement

Old rub rail protector (click to enlarge) Years ago I spotted a 13 foot Boston Whaler that looked a bit odd, as if the rubrail were larger than normal. I wondered how that guy managed to get a heavier duty rub rail for his boat and went to check it … [Read more...]

More Boston Whaler Modifications

Modifying and Upgrading My Boston Whaler I added little wood rails around the top of the mahogany console. It works to keep drinks, handheld GPS, and other small items from sliding off the console. I wrap this 2" plastic food grade … [Read more...]

Adventure Island Mast Furler Drum Epoxy Repair

Click any picture to enlarge Repairing Hobie Adventure Island Mast Furler Drum In the course of routine maintenance, I noticed that the furling drum on my Hobie Adventure Island had slipped a short distance up the carbon fiber mast, exposing the … [Read more...]

Adding A Jib to the Hobie Adventure Island Kayak

My old storm sail from a previous sailboat was the right size to use as a jib for my Adventure Island. There's a reason I save everything.Sailors throughout history have always wanted to find ways to fly more sails and make our boats go faster, and I … [Read more...]

Replacing a Broken Gaff Boom Cap

Click any picture to enlargeI left the boat business, but it did not leave me!This is Joe and his Com-Pac Sun Cat, when I went to his house a few days ago to investigate a broken gaff boom. When I worked at a Com-Pac dealership, it was my job to mess … [Read more...]

Modifying my Sun Cat’s Rigging

Attention Catboat Sailors Catboat sailors of all kinds can download and enjoy this Catboat Sailing Manual, filled with information about catboat sailing techniques and specifics about certain Com-Pac and Marshall catboats: Catboat Sailing Manual … [Read more...]