Archives for July 2019

Volunteering for Charlotte Harbor Seagrass Survey

After reading a good article on upcoming seagrass and scallop surveys in our area, I decided to volunteer. Yesterday we took Florida Sea Grant Program extension agent Betty Staugler out on our pontoon boat and had a look at a few of the areas being … [Read more...]

Hawk Got Another Squirrel

The game camera got this shot of a red shouldered hawk yesterday afternoon. I'm still impressed that it can shoot pictures fast enough to get things like spread wings on landing. A closer look shows something furry, most likely a squirrel, … [Read more...]

First DJI Drone Flight

I took my first solo drone flight this afternoon and found that the DJI Phantom 4 is very easy to fly. I also found that I kind of need a savvy camera operator as a sidekick. I set cameras to "automatic for idiots" mode and that's about all I know to … [Read more...]

Still Studying The Chicken Problem

Kahlua kitty jumps up on the chicken run every morning when I am feeding them. This was alarming to them at first but they pretty much ignore her now. … [Read more...]

Beginning My Drone Adventures

I bought a used DJI Phantom 4 and am starting to learn the many things that there are to know about flying it and using the camera. So many things! … [Read more...]

No Critters But…

The trail camera got a pretty cool black and white picture of an oak tree that was split in half by Hurricane Charlie but survived. … [Read more...]

Coyote Again

The coyote showed up again, wandering past my Japanese persimmon tree. The streak of light is likely an insect flying near the camera and lit up by the flash. … [Read more...]

Coyote And Other Critter Pics

The coyote came back by my camera, along with a few regular visitors. With my previous trail camera, the noise and the visible red flash would always result in the second picture showing the animal looking right at the camera. … [Read more...]

Butterfly Sex And More Critters

It's not easy being a gopher tortoise that strays into our yard. Libby grabs them and puts them upside down on the ground and guards them until I come along and put them back outside the Invisible Fence where she can't get them. I have not … [Read more...]

Bobcat and Coyote Still Around

The pictures in the previous post show the neighborhood bobcat passing close to an oak tree and pretty far from the camera. I figured I'd get a better close-up pic if I moved the camera to that tree. Yes, those trees next to the bobcat are the … [Read more...]