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My Kayak Buying Habit: Buying a Fleet of Kayaks on the Way to the Kayak of my Dreams

My Ocean Kayak Sprinter is shaped like a needle, and it's fast! It's all fiberglass, so I don't worry too much about scratching it. I enjoy sailing my Klepper foldable kayak. My place near Punta Gorda, FL sits on Shell Creek, a tributary … [Read more...]

Dock Lines

  Here's a guideline for the diameter sizes appropriate for different boat sizes: Length of Boat Recommended Diameter of Dock Line Up to … [Read more...]

Conquistador Cup Regatta 2010: Charlotte Harbor Sailing Races

PHRF Racing with Spinnaker, Cruising, and Multihull Classes Conquistador Cup Regatta Fleet The 2010 Conquistador Cup Regatta was good practice for light air sailing techniques, much to the disappointment of our Multi-23 crew, as we hoped … [Read more...]

The 2 Basic Rules of Boating Fun

When you choose your boat for its maximum pleasure ratio, you spend more time out in your boat, and less time working on it. If you're reading this, chances are you spend lots of your time and money on boats. Why do you do that? Some of you just … [Read more...]

Feeding the Crew on a Ham and Cheese Sandwich

We could play it safe and share a ham and cheese sandwich.Or we could throw caution to the wind and use the sandwich for bait. If we got lucky, we would be dining on fresh grilled fish. If not, we'd go hungry. I'd rather feast on fresh-caught … [Read more...]

Should Your Buy Your Own Boat, or Charter?

There is nothing better than the feeling of setting out on a voyage in your own cruising boat, with all preparations made to your liking and a new adventure ahead. One feeling that comes close is the feeling of taking such a trip and then just … [Read more...]

What’s in YOUR Drybox?

A Small Boat's Drybox and Its Contents The Quick and Easy Drybox Solution for a Small Boat The bowlocker on my Boston Whaler stays pretty full. In the picture you can see the lifejacket and anchor and rode. I also keep a gallon jug of water and my … [Read more...]

Dry Storage Solutions – Tips from Tropical Boating

Dry Bags, Dry Boxes, and Dry Pouches A dry bag, a dry pouch, and a combination bailer/dry storage container make good dry storage solutions on a small boat. Shop for Dry Bags In addition to the cooler I use as a dry box on my Boston Whaler, I … [Read more...]

A Teak and Sandy Sole

Converting my teak and holly sole into a teak and sandy sole, making only the holly strips a non-skid surface I decided I wanted to varnish the teak and holly cabin sole in my Com-Pac Sun Cat. It's a plywood piece with teak and holly veneer, and … [Read more...]