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Anchoring with Two Anchors, Bahamian Style Mooring

To keep each boat swinging around in the smallest possible area, two anchors are deployed in the "Bahamian style mooring" arrangement shown in the picture at left. When anchoring out in the Bahamas you will frequently find that the protected … [Read more...]

How to Dock an Outboard or Sterndrive Powerboat in 3 Easy Pictures

In the images below, the red arrow on the boat is a speed vector, indicating the speed and direction of movement of the boat 1. Approach the dock at an angle, then shift into neutral 2. Turn the engine hard over toward the dock, then … [Read more...]

Kinetic Energy: Almost More Boating Fun Than The Law Allows

After appropriating a small boat from my friend's little sister, we made a few modifications.... When I was a teenager, my friend Gene's little sister got a boat from some friends, who figured she could play with it in their swimming pool. When I … [Read more...]