Choking the New Engine During Break-In — Or, How To Solve Problems By Reading the Owner’s Manual

My friend Kley had a 21 Hydra Sports back in the late 70s, and it had a 175 hp Mariner outboard on it. Though the Hydra Sports hull was made with Kevlar, it was still a fairly heavy boat for its size, and it had a very deep deadrise angle that … [Read more...]

Buying a new outboard engine

When it's time to replace your old outboard, your local dealership will properly prepare your new outboard engine for salt water use. When you buy a new outboard engine, the dealer should perform a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) on the … [Read more...]

Small Outboard Engine Tilt and Trim: Theory and Practice

My first 15' Boston Whaler, back when I was a teenager, had only manual tilt, and I longed for a hydraulic tilt and trim engine. My current 15' Boston Whaler has a Merc 70 with hydraulic tilt and trim (pictured above), which makes it far easier to … [Read more...]