Archives for October 2019

Reviving The Stray Goat

A couple of years ago, the Goat Island Skiff Julie B was donated by her builder to the Charlotte Harbor Community Sailing Center. The intent was to sell her to some lucky sailor and use the proceeds to help support the Center's programs. What … [Read more...]

More Bobcat Pictures

The neighborhood bobcat passed by again. This picture was taken about 30 minutes after a picture of my cat in the same spot. The bobcat passing by the Omlet Eglu chicken coop and run, which still seems to be … [Read more...]

A Couple of Bobcat Visits to Chickens

We like to watch the sun set over Shell Creek every evening and then return home and close up the chickens in their coop for the night. Last night we showed up and Kailey the Cowdog suddenly alerted to a scent and took off across the yard. I was … [Read more...]