Waiting for that First Egg

Our chickens hatched around April 1, 2019 and are about due to start laying eggs. They're looking very robust and healthy and in this picture you can see some of the green sheen in the feathers on their backs.

We bought some ceramic imitation eggs and placed them in the brooder compartment of our Eglu coop with some straw. Apparently, chickens get some funny ideas about where they are supposed to lay eggs but if they notice there are already eggs in a good spot they'll pick that spot.

They are suspicious and cautious birds and it took a couple of days and lots of dried meal worms to convince a couple of them to step into the egg laying compartment.

They really like the run extension that I made from old pontoon boat railings. Every morning when I move the chicken tractor to a new spot they rush into the extension as soon as I get it in place.

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