Archives for July 2009

The Catalina 309: A Review

The Catalina 309 A self-tailing winch on the coachroof can be used for the outhaul or the mainsheet, but in practice is only needed for fine adjustments in strong winds. The furler loop turns a winch that is mounted into the mast. The winch … [Read more...]

Adventures With A Cruising Spinnaker on an Island Packet

When you go to test a new sail, use your binoculars to take a close look at the parts up top. We would have had a much better trip back from the Bahamas if we had taken a little time to test the spinnaker and observe how it was rigged. In the late … [Read more...]

Repacking or Replacing Trailer Wheel Bearings

One of the wheels on my small trailer lost its bearings. They were badly deteriorated, and on a slow-speed run down our driveway, the wheel just started spitting bearing parts out onto the grass. It was pretty ugly, and the wheel was just clunking … [Read more...]

Dramatic Dawn Dinghy Rescue

Or, How I Almost Lost My 11' Boston Whaler While Crossing the Little Bahama Bank Driving my little Whaler in smoother waters The monstrous bow cleat I had installed on my little 11-foot Boston Whaler. This giant cleat was very convenient, … [Read more...]