Archives for January 2008

Making a Clear-Bottom Bucket

The completed clear-bottom bucket Peering through the clear-bottom bucket at the fish in my pond. When searching for a good spearfishing area in the Bahamas, our usual technique was to look for some interesting-looking bottom features and … [Read more...]

Hobie Mirage Adventure Island: His Review

Sailing / Paddling / Pedaling the Hobie Mirage Adventure Island The akas attach to crossbeams with a single pin His and Hers Reviews — His Review See Her Review Sailing the Hobie Adventure Island trimaran "Sail/Yak" is a pure sailing … [Read more...]

Buying a new outboard engine

When it's time to replace your old outboard, your local dealership will properly prepare your new outboard engine for salt water use. When you buy a new outboard engine, the dealer should perform a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) on the … [Read more...]

Blown Down in a 44′ CSY

Yes, this CSY 44 was knocked down in a rain squall The CSY 44 is widely thought of as a tropical tank, overbuilt for heavy use as a charter sailboat, and practically indestructible. Although the ballast to displacement ratio is fairly low for … [Read more...]