Tater Force One Takes Flight

Speck Tater

I took my DJI drone out on the Speck Tater today and had a good time practicing my (very limited) camera and video skills. The space out on the bow between the railings is pretty small so I decided to try hand launching it. "This better work!" It did and I flew a short distance out for this picture.

Peace River

Flew a bit further away for an overview.

Peace River

While I was up and away, Sonja spotted a large alligator in the cut between the Peace River and Hunter Creek so I tried to fly down and get a picture. I found that I couldn't really tell what I was looking at with all the glare on the iPhone and managed to get some pictures of empty water by aiming the camera where I thought the gator would be. Oh well. Flew further away and got an even wider view.

Returning To Boat

Got this pic before flying the drone down and hand-catching it.

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