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Saw My First Wingsail In Person Today

Today I dropped by the Charlotte Harbor Community Sailing Center to borrow some race marks and anchors for the upcoming Sun Cat National Championship Regatta this weekend, and as I drove up I noticed that the truck in front of me had a couple of wing … [Read more...]

Rebuilding Whale Watching Tenders Part 15

November 27, 2011 Minor Fiberglass Repairs   All the grinding in recent days finally came to fruition today as we went around and applied fiberglass to several minor repairs. To reinforce and smooth the gunwale edge where swimmers will … [Read more...]

Rebuilding Whale Watching Tenders Part 14

November 16, 2011 Fiberglassing Decks on Both Boats   We got an early start and were out on the boats doing final preparations for fiberglassing the decks over the new fuel tanks before our young helpers were really alert. After doing a … [Read more...]

Rebuilding Whale Watching Tenders Part 13

November 11, 2011 The day started like many others: with someone running a grinder. This time it was Adam preparing the pieces of marine plywood deck for installation. The undersides were previously coated with resin but drips and areas that would … [Read more...]