Archives for December 2010

A Sun Shade for my Com-Pac Sun Cat Sailboat

I dug the 6 holes, each one a fair amount bigger than the concrete block that would fill it. I want to build a pole barn to house my boat collection. I like to keep them all out of the sun and covered, but our Com-Pac Sun Cat had no shelter while … [Read more...]

Making Your Own Fender Boards in 2 Easy Steps

The best way to protect a boat that is rubbing on pilings at the dock is with a fender board. A fender board is simply a piece of wood hung outside of two fenders which are hung off the side of a boat. The board rubs up and down on the pilings, and … [Read more...]

Punta Gorda Sailing Club Holiday Regatta 2010

Sailboats start to appear out of the fog near marker 2 just after 10 am SaturdayDay One Saturday started out very foggy. As Pete and I departed the boat ramp at Ponce Park, I could see the channel markers right by the fishing pier, but not the next … [Read more...]