Archives for May 2010

Adding A Jib to the Hobie Adventure Island Kayak

My old storm sail from a previous sailboat was the right size to use as a jib for my Adventure Island. There's a reason I save everything.Sailors throughout history have always wanted to find ways to fly more sails and make our boats go faster, and I … [Read more...]

An Adventure Island Kayak Sail in Shell Creek During the Fringes of Ike

We decided to take our Hobie Adventure Islands out while Hurricane Ike was thrashing Cuba. As Hurricane Ike made its way along Cuba, we got some strong east winds in this part of Florida. All the rain was quite a ways south of us, so we were … [Read more...]

Replacing a Broken Gaff Boom Cap

Click any picture to enlargeI left the boat business, but it did not leave me!This is Joe and his Com-Pac Sun Cat, when I went to his house a few days ago to investigate a broken gaff boom. When I worked at a Com-Pac dealership, it was my job to mess … [Read more...]