Bobcat and Coyote on Trail Camera

I have kept my trail camera pointing at our chickens as I move the chicken tractor around the yard each morning but haven't seen any critters trying to get at them in a while. I moved the chickens to a part of the yard where only the boldest predators would dare to go and decided to put the trail camera over by the artesian spring where I have gotten good shots before. It worked.


This is probably the same bobcat I have seen before but it looks a bit smaller so maybe a mate?


These were taken a few hours after the camera caught my cat in the same spot.


I guess it's hunting for bunnies and not kitties. At least, I hope so.


This pic is fuzzy because there was moisture on the lens but it looks like a dog to me. It doesn't look like any of our dogs nor any of the neighbors' dogs, so my guess is that it's a coyote.

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