Archives for March 2008

Fishing: Competing With The Sharks for Wahoo and Yellowfin Tuna

We had departed Cat Island in my CSY 44, bound for Miami after 72 days in the Bahamas, and were making good progress sailing around the outside of Eleuthera. We did not see much boat traffic in this area, but it was full of other life. Gene put out … [Read more...]

How To Sell Your Boat for the Best Selling Price

Lots of boat owners overlook proper preparation for the sale of their boat, and as a result the boat will take longer to sell and the seller will receive less money. The first thing to do is strip the boat. Remove everything that is not bolted … [Read more...]

Getting Your Boat Ready to Sell

Getting your boat ready to sell means not only ensuring that everything is OK by your standards, but also meeting expectations and allaying fears of buyers. When shopping for a used boat, buyers want to see one that has been well-loved and cared for, … [Read more...]

Establishing the Market Value and Asking Price of Your Boat

The essential fact sellers must grasp when marketing a boat is: Your boat is not special. Sorry to shout, but it's a point that seems to need emphasis. We all think our boats are special. Heck, I sell boats for a living, and I know very well that my … [Read more...]